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One Million Puzzle Pieces Project ~ Click on “SUBMIT A LISTING” to Sign UP

There are 2 Steps to enter your completed jigsaw puzzle photo into the Project.

Step 1: Please sign up here to become a member of the Club. Click on “SUBMIT A LISTING” and follow the 4 steps for the sign up process. The 4th Step will confirm your LISTING has been submitted.

Step 2: Once your membership is reviewed you will receive an email with the upload link for your puzzle entries that you may use for each individual puzzle. It may take 24-48 hours to receive your email.


How It Works

  • You can enter any jigsaw puzzles you have completed in 2015.
  • It can have any number of pieces as long as it is a jigsaw puzzle.
  • It does not have to be bought in 2015, you may complete puzzles from your private store-age stock.
  • You must sign up to join the One Million Pieces Project.
  • You must be a member of one of the following 5 groups. It does not matter which of the 4 groups you sign up with if you are a group member in more than 1 group. See the Group list below.
  • Your entry is reviewed manually within 24-48 hours.
  • After your registration has been reviewed you will receive a separate email confirmation ¬†in 24-48 hours that says you are registered and have agreed to all the set rules.
  • You must use this email for each individual entry so keep this email in a safe place. You may contact us if you loose the email.
  • The email confirmation has your jigsaw puzzle entry form LINK to provide information¬† about your puzzle and to upload 2 photos.
  • One Photo is only your completed puzzle and photo number 2 is a picture of the puzzle box showing the number of pieces in your puzzle.
  • The biggest rule is giving us permission to use your jigsaw puzzle photo image. A tile image of your completed and submitted jigsaw puzzle will be entered into the creation of the finished photomosaic jigsaw puzzle titled The Group World Map Photomosaic Jigsaw Puzzle.


All persons who want to place an entry to the Project must be a member of any ONE of the following Jigsaw Puzzle Groups;

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