Presenting the 1 Million Pieces Group Jigsaw Puzzle Club

Greetings fellow jigsaw puzzlers and puzzle admirers!

It is with great pleasure to announce our ambitious goal of putting 1 million pieces of puzzles together in 2015. A group of talented puzzlers from all over the world have decided to work as a team in pursuit of this goal.

Along the way, there will be blogs, photos and a counter to monitor the group’s progress toward this goal, and participation is open to anyone from the Jigsaw Puzzle Groups (listed below) who wants to contribute.

To join the effort, just sign up for the FREE group membership and be counted. The event will take start January 1 2015. We look forward to making 2015 a fun and adventurous one for you.

A special ‘thank you’ goes out to Günther From Austria for being the motivation behind this project.

Please join any one of the following Groups then sign up here to become a member of the One Million Puzzle Pieces Club.

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