Photomosaic Puzzle

Here is the common goal for the One Million Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces collected from the 4 Groups that enter their completed jigsaw puzzles.

This is how it will work;

  1. Group members submit their completed jigsaw puzzle photos
  2. Each completed jigsaw puzzle photo will be used as a photo mosaic tile
  3. Completed jigsaw puzzle photomosaic tiles will be added to the main Group Matrix photo
  4. The Group Matrix Photo is a photo of the completed jigsaw puzzle titled The World Map.
  5. The main Group Matrix Photo of The World Map is customized into a 1000 piece Photomosaic jigsaw puzzle

This is The World Map jigsaw puzzle to be completed.

WPD puzzle Box

This will be the Tiled Grid that will be used to insert the ONE Million Pieces of combined jigsaw puzzle pieces from the photos entered by the 5 Groups. (Sample only)

World Map GRID for Photomosaic Sample

We will have a 1000 piece Photomosaic Jigsaw Puzzle titled The World Map that is an image of one million jigsaw puzzle pieces and the main photo is a completed World Map jigsaw puzzle. (Note* This image will be clearer when the One Million Pieces of tiles are in place. This is a sample only.)

World Map Puzzle stamp for Photomosaic Sample Mosaic03

Now that’s a Global Jigsaw Puzzle Connection! There will also be a complete list of all the Entries that includes the Group member names, jigsaw puzzle Brand/Title and the Number of Pieces for that puzzle.

All persons who want to place an entry to the Project must be a member of any ONE of the following Jigsaw Puzzle Groups;

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