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One Million Puzzle Pieces ~ Rules

Please review the following rules;

  1. Project Starts January 1, 2015 and end at the Goal amount of 1 MILLION pieces.
  2. The RULE is puzzles do not have to be bought in 2015 they can be bought from any year.
  3. The RULE is the puzzles have to be put together in 2015.
  4. The RULE is 2 photos must be submitted: One of completed puzzle & 2nd one of the box showing how many pieces are in the puzzles. If we cannot verify with a photo of the box showing the number of pieces and then a photo of the completed puzzle then we cannot enter the puzzle into the Project.
  5. The RULE is, each entry is manually reviewed in  a timely manner for verification.
  6. The RULE is by entering your photo you are giving us permission to use your photo with the Photomosaic Group Jigsaw Puzzle of One Million Pieces Photo.
  7. The RULE is all persons who want to place an entry to the Project must be a member of any ONE of the following Jigsaw Puzzle Groups;



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